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Equine Muscle Magic Book

Designed for every horse owner in a user friendly, step by step fashion to profoundly changes your horse's health and performance through massage.

Practitioner Reference Guides

For the Equine Acupressure Practitioner, we provide quick-reference guides that aid in assessing and treating equine meridian issues.

Equine Software

For the Equine Massage Therapist, we offer software to simplify your record keeping and produce professional-looking reports for your clients.


Horses & Hands is a Boulder, Colorado company that specializes in providing tools and products for the Equine Practitioner. These products take the form of PC software, printed pads for field notes, reference books, and laminated reference charts.

Equine Muscle Magic Book

Muscle Magic Cover

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Equine Muscle Magic was designed for every horse owner in a user friendly, step by step fashion so that you can make profound changes in your horse's health and performance through massage. At the same time, you will build a multi-level connection in your human/horse relationship, deeper than can be imagined.

Learn how to clear your mind, perform stretches for horse and rider success, and master the mechanics of a successful equine massage. A 10-minute massage will get you started. Then understand the importance of building a “Body Map”, and finally be able to perform a one-hour, full-body massage for your specific equine discipline.

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Equine Acupressure Book


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Equine Acupressure is a reference book for Equine Acupressure Practitioners to use as an aid for treating Specific Acupressure Conditions, and a useful guide for locating pressure points when doing healing therapy. It presents a variety of physical, emotional, and systemic conditions, providing detailed graphical illustrations for locating the associated pressure points as well as descriptions of the indications, actions, innervations, and characteristics for each point in a clear, tabular format. This is an essential reference book for the equine acupressure therapist, that collects together in one place the key information required to to identify and treat over 30 specific conditions.

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EquiTracker Massage Software

Data entry

EquiTracker Massage is a software program that offers the Equine Massage Practitioner the means to easily track information on their Clients, Horses, and Massage Sessions, and to produce professional-looking, informative reports on each visit they make. This product brings a new level of professionalism to Equine Massage Therapy. You no longer have to give your clients handwritten reports that are hard to read, time consuming to write, and often incomplete.

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Practitioner’s Field Notes Kit

Field kit

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For your convenience, when using EquiTracker Massage software on a Desktop PC, Horses & Hands has designed two forms that allow you to capture data on the horses, owners, and barns that you work with, and field notes on the massage sessions that you perform - for easy data entry into the EquiTracker Massage program and databases. It also includes a Quick-Reference Guide that lists the Equine Muscles and Massage Strokes for a handy field reference.

Our Team

Jackie Nairn

Jackie Nairn

CEO, Director of Marketing, Certified Equine Massage Therapist

    Jackie has owned and cared for her own horses for over forty years. She graduated from the EquiTouch Massage School, and developed an equine massage and acupressure business. She has recently developed an introductory massage clinic program to encourage horse owners to develop a deeper bond and connection with their horses using hands-on massage, and perhaps stir an interest in their taking one of the more comprehensive massage clinics.

    Jackie got frustrated with the lack of tools available to help her keep records on the horses she massaged; and she felt that giving her clients a hand scribbled report on the work she had done did not give a very professional appearance.

    As a result, EquiTracker - Massage was conceived to solve those problems.

    Jackie would like to hear from anyone who is actively massaging horses, and would like to share tips and stories about their business.


    Jackie would like to hear from anyone who is actively massaging horses, and would like to share tips and stories about their business.

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