Practitioner’s Field Notes Kit

How can this Field Note Kit Help?

For your convenience when using EquiTracker Massage software on a desktop PC, Horses & Hands has designed two forms to help you capture data in the field, for later entry into the EquiTracker databases for generating your reports.

Initial Visit Notes – Helps you gather the information that you need for a new Horse that you will be working with.  It has space for data on the Horse, the Owner, the Barn where the horse is kept, and the horse’s Vet information.  One pad can capture information on 50 horses.

Field Session Notes – This form allows you to keep track of what observations you made about the horse’s muscles during a massage session, and what actions you performed on those muscles.  This form will serve as a reminder of your massage session results when you enter them into your EquiTracker Massage program.  The pads a 2-part carbon forms, so you can keep one part for later data entry, and give the other part to your client as a preliminary report of your massage session, until they receive the more detailed printed report that is generated by the EquiTracker software program.  Each pad has 25 pairs of forms; two pads are in the kit.

Laminated Insert – This laminated card is designed to slip in behind the 2-part carbon Field Session Notes form, to prevent print-through to the next set of carbon forms.  For your convenience, it contains a list of all the horse’s muscles with shorthand abbreviations on one side, and a list of the massage strokes and their descriptions on the other side.

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