EquiTracker Massage

Why use EquiTracker™ Massage software? 

Because horses can’t talk! They can’t tell you where it hurts. They don’t know their medical history. They depend on you to know for them.

But if they could, they would tell you about muscle strain, pain, tension and poor training methods. EquiTracker Massage software lets you, the massage therapist, communicate for them.

Until now, most horse owners who have their valuable animals cared for by an Equine Massage Therapist have had little to show them what work was done (and why) other than some hastily-scribbled notes on a preprinted form. All they end up with is:

Vague Histories – most horse owners don’t have good written records to help you know the horse’s history.
Ambiguous Reports – reports on analyses made and procedures performed are often sketchy and of minimal use.

EquiTracker™ Massage allows the equine massage practitioner the means to easily track information on their Clients, Horses, and Massage Sessions and to produce professional-looking, informative reports on each visit they make. This product brings a new level of professionalism to Equine Massage Therapy. You no longer have to give your clients handwritten reports that are hard to read, time consuming to write, and often incomplete.

Benefits include the following:

  • Ease of Use: Menu-selection Aids for Rapid Data Entry & Editing
  • Powerful Capabilities: Track any number of horses, owners and massage session
  • Informative Report: Know exactly what was done, and why, as well as what to watch for in the future
  • Permanent History: Electronically file reports for future reference and trend analysis
  • Easy Updating: Send reports to the Veterinarian and other medical professionals on the muscle treatments the horse has had
  • Customizable: Customizable Logo makes reports specific for your business
  • Stock Phrase List: Customizable for muscles, strokes, and information

Easy Data Entry

Entering data is made easy by pull-down selection lists, technical term completion, and stock phrase fill-in. Instead of long, tedious typing, most of your report is generated by a few, simple clicks of the mouse.


Professional Reports

One button click automatically prints a report on your massage session that not only looks professional, but informs the owner of the various manipulations you performed, illustrates the muscles that were affected, and tells why these actions were done. It also informs the owners about any actions they should take or symptoms they should watch for before your next session.


EquiTracker Massage was designed for affordability with modular structure for expandability to future enhancements. For less than the price of one massage, you can have EquiTracker Massage keeping track of your massage horses and sessions, and producing professional-looking reports for your clients. The price of the program is only $49.95 plus shipping and handling.

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