Equine Acupressure

A Practitioner’s Reference to Specific Conditions and Acupoint Assessment Tools

This reference book was generated out of my need, as an equine practitioner, to have this material organized, into a usable form, and located in one convenient place. Before this reference I used multiple texts and references to identify and treat specific conditions. This text will allow all practitioners to give valuable information to their clients and lend credibility to the practice of this complimentary therapy.

This book is a reference for Equine Practitioners to use as an aid for treating Specific Acupressure Conditions, and a useful guide for locating acupoints when doing healing therapy. The “Specific Conditions” section is organized into the following categories: physical, emotional and systemic conditions. The physical section includes charts to address issues with shoulders, backs, hocks, and other specific parts of the horse. The emotional section includes charts to address issues of fear, grief, obsessive behavior, etc. And the systemic section addresses issues of a system-wide nature such as building the immune system, increasing energy, stagnant Chi, etc. This allows the practitioner to quickly locate the category and focus on a treatment regime. This “cookbook” approach lists common acupressure points used in the more common conditions and diseases.

This reference is not meant to teach or instruct the practitioner on how to do the therapy, but rather it is meant to be a reference tool for practitioners who have already studied these methods, to aid them in quickly locating the information they need to perform equine acupressure therapy.